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Charley is a cat that can be very regal and elegant. Seemingly aloof as only cats can be.

But underneath lies a gentle Sweetheart. Notice his tail forms a halo over his head to depict his Angelic nature.

Bella is a girly girl. She just had to have a Pink Tourmaline  gem and 14K eyes.

She loves to give the “nobody's home” look . This is to fool you because in reality she is planning her next mischievous caper.

Dreaming-The story behind this piece She is sound asleep and dreaming of her favorite thing-Tuna!  Behind the Jasper stone I cut out  a little fish and bubbles-But shhh ! only she and her wearer know  about her Tuna dreams .

Mija just loves to sleep. She is a very tiny cat  and constantly pulls at my heartstrings. She is the inspiration for many of my sleeping Kitties

All my  cat pieces  are already “Adopted” - stay tuned for more in  the future!

Since the cat series  is very new, and very limited due to the labor intensity-I thought It would be fun to show you some of my cats  that already have found  good homes.

    Why Cats ?

  I  now have 4 rescue cats of my own, and have had cats all of my adult life. They are the most wonderful, funny, loving, crazy, sweet creatures. I can’t imagine my life without any one of the 7 I have had the privilege of adopting over the years.

    Awhile ago, it seemed like  my 3 of my cats were intentionally striking poses for me.(#4 wasn’t in the picture yet)

     So without thought, I started to doodle little sketches to capture some of their poses. Then the idea that I was supposed to turn these sketches into jewelry popped into my head. Well without sounding like a crazy cat lady (which I probably am), I don’t think the idea came from me. I think my 3 little furry friends plotted, and planted the thought in my brain. You see they wanted their likenesses in sterling, gold and gems.

     Now I have been a jewelry artisan for decades. But my design style was organic, sometimes floral, lyrical and a little nod to Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Never Cats.

     So I started making a cat series in sterling. Each piece is about capturing a personality or spirit that I find endearing.